• Hotels Managment System "PRO"
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Al Rajhi Soft Hotel Management system provides effective tools to end the daily operations of the hotel, and has been operated by a group of hotel managers and supervisors in the hospitality sector.

A permanent development to facilitate the work, it has been automatically linked to the hotel's own booking engine and has been linked to popular booking engines such as Booking.com.

The system deals with two types of customers (individuals and groups), where all the data related to each customer is stored in the designated place, It also provides connectivity with automatic reading devices for travel documents to save time and effort.

Complete and easy management of manual bookings from the hotel's booking engine as well as booking from Booking.com (individuals bookings and groups bookings

Interactive system for the distribution and organization of rooms in groups by species and price application in addition to the management of room cleaning and internal supervision.

The database provides all the transactions that have been made on reservations since the establishment until the amendment, accommodation and departure, This allows for a revision of the deletions that any user may perform.

Comprehensive and easy management of guest bills, additions, receipts, taxes and cash returns.

A complete unit for adding your meals and offering food plans for the kitchen includes the number of meals attached to reservations and types.

A quick review of all inquiries and reports regarding reception, reservations, marketing and accounts, as well as an important management reports.

Graphic Charts
A comprehensive hotel situation chart contains a summary of the state of the rooms, internal supervision, daily traffic and sales turnover. Any report can be converted into a graph of the variables over time.

Bookings Engine
The system offers a professional booking engine that allows guests to select rooms and make reservations from their homes including online payment, all within a great website and the engine can be customized to match the hotel's website.

Synchronizing With Booking
The system connects to the world's largest online booking gateways, offering two-way synchronization, price setting, and update customization - import bookings made through Booking.com.

Synchronizing With POS
The system is connected with several POS terminals and restaurants quickly and efficiently, and the system can be customized to share data with lots of ready-to-sell points.

Synchronizing With Backoffice
The system is linked with the financial accounting program in the back office to import all financial operations from sales, receipts and taxes to be converted to accounting restrictions.

Synchronizing With Rooms Doors
The system is connected with the Onity software to manage electronic door locks where electronic door keys are printed from the system and extended and canceled according to the booking status.

Read IDs Automatically
To save time and effort in the entry of guest records, the system is associated with tools to read travel documents such as passports and ID cards quickly and accurately.

Synchronize With Shomoos Security System
For hotels in Saudi Arabia, the system is synchronized with the Shomoos security system to automatically receive guests' data when accommodation, extension and departure.

An integrated unit for managing users, assigning their respective tasks and following up their work by the concerned managers.

The hotel benefits from the automatic update system throughout the subscription period for free.

Technical Support
A qualified technical support team is available to assist you at any time where you can request assistance in several ways (direct chat from the system, request technical support via the website, or by telephone or e-mail).

Hotels Managment System "PRO"

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