• Accounting, Stores and P.O.S "Life Time License"
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The system is easy to use and learn. It can be worked from anywhere. It includes all the necessary tools for financial and commercial work. You can define several stores, multiple users, and multiple branches. Includes multiple reports more than 80 reports to meet all your information.

It can be used in institutions and companies that have a store or several stores, such as foodstuffs, electrical tools, etc. It can also be used for trading the electrical and electronic devices where the system handles the item serial number and etc.

A comprehensive and easy management unit for accounts, suppliers, customers and cost centers, organized in records and groups and inquiring about detailed disclosure of balances and financial movements of each.

Financial Restrictions
The system provides easy entry windows for financial transactions such as sales, purchases, receipts and disbursements, and for financial restrictions and pay orders.

Stores and POS
A large number of stores and POS can be identified and carry out material transfers in addition to the possibility of making sales from stores or POS.

The management unit of the categories and organize them according to groups at several levels and inquire about the balance and movement of each category or group separately, in addition to knowing the location of the item inside the store.

Management of wholesale sales in cash or in installments or in several installments in addition to retail sales from stores directly or from POS with control of the item balance and determine the permission of the seller such as preventing the sale under the cost price.

Purchase invoices in cash, in installments or in multiple installments, with the possibility of comparing offers between multiple suppliers before the purchase.

For workshops and factories, the production plan is prepared for one stage or several stages, the quantities needed for manufacturing and the products that can be manufactured, and the documentation of manufacturing processes in an easy and fast way, with control the movement of stores and the accounts automatically, and monitoring the deviation of manufacturing cost.

A quick review of all queries and reports related to accounts, stores, POS and categories in addition to an important administrative reports.

Graphic Charts
A comprehensive hotel situation chart contains a summary of the state of the rooms, internal supervision, daily traffic and sales turnover. Any report can be converted into a graph of the variables over time.

An integrated unit for managing users, assigning their respective tasks and following up their work by the concerned managers.

The hotel benefits from the automatic update system throughout the subscription period for free.

Technical Support
A qualified technical support team is available to assist you at any time where you can request assistance in several ways (direct chat from the system, request technical support via the website, or by telephone or e-mail).

Accounting, Stores and P.O.S "Life Time License"

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